i'm matt. mainly pokémon, hunter x hunter, and gay porn

Off to my boyfriend’s family party!

Pokemon news makes me look a mess and not study for my last final. Shower time.

my show is finally over so i CUT MY HAIR


❝ tell ur dog i said hi ❞

My “Better Call Saul” shirt came into today :D


I swear I will still be playing pokemon on my deathbed….


"Grandma, shhh, put the 6DS down, you’re tired, rest now."

"N..o….haven’t……captured…all 3300 Pokemon…yet……"

It’s finally Christmas break!

Thanksgiving break finally

just took a huge ass spanish exam, studied for my RNR exam for tomorrow for the past past and half, and now i have psyc lab meeting.

also have to learn the rest of my monologue tonight, and have two other exams at the end of this week. plus, lab homework and other small stuff. this is my “im pooped and it’s only monday” face

I’m wearing my Slytherin polo today

we;re drunk

i shaved my head again today too :D

My best friend’s kitty is in my arms

recent picture of my boyfriend and i.

love me