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I wish Brock didn’t travel with Ash in Diamond & Pearl.

Can you imagine how much fun Roark would have been?


New favorite pastime.


New favorite pastime.

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I think one reason Ash was such a jerk in AG partly had to do with who he was constantly dealing with. He constantly bickers with both May and Max, one being a child who’s a little shit to him a lot of the times and the other who acts like a child at times and whines and complains and clashes with Ash due to personality at times. Max and May joined Ash before Brock, too. He dealt with these kids wanting food and breaks and stopping to look for Pokemon and I’m sure Ash was thrilled when Brock finally joined in to help out. I think that’s why Ash’s bond was more visible with Brock in AG than in DP because of it, being the two more experienced travelers dealing with tiresome newbies.


main goals when going to a friends house:
-pet dog
-avoid parent
-don’t clog toilet


orphan adore and working mama bianca

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i wonder how many amvs are there with paul with the song bad boy



Who’s That Pokémon? 

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Track Title: #Selfie

Artist: The Chainsmokers


#Selfie || The Chainsmokers

Death in video games:
  • Male character: ARGH!!
  • Female character: oh. oh!! UHHHng!!!! I'M COMING!!!!?

the look


the look

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